Two (2) Year Hair-Free Guarantee for LaserFast™ Laser Hair Removal

All trained and authorized LaserFast™ Hair Removal offices in the United States are proud to offer the industry’s most comprehensive-written guarantee for professional laser hair removal satisfaction.

After undergoing the proven seven (7) treatment LaserFast™ Hair Removal Protocol, we guarantee complete satisfaction for a full two-year period, following the final treatment. Simply put, if any hair is still remaining in the treated area, we’ll remove it free of charge with up to five additional “touch-up” treatments!

Why a 2 Year Guarantee?

  • Because LaserFast™ Hair Removal has been proven to work since 2006 over thousands of satisfied clients!
  • Because there are biological differences amongst individuals and every once in a while, a client may need a few extra treatments after their seven treatment protocol (and they shouldn’t be charged for that)!
  • Because over the past 6 years, our trained technicians have found that if a client has residual hair growth, it typically takes place within a 24 month time frame.

LaserFast™ Hair Removal technicians aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Contact a trained and authorized LaserFast™ Laser Hair Removal professional near you for a Free Confidential Consultation today:
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