LaserFast™ Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

The LaserFast™ Hair Removal Advantage!

The latest technique to removing unwanted hair known as LaserFast™ Hair Removal can meet the requirements of the present society who understand that they actually have a better option to shaving, tweezing, waxing & electrolysis.

The LaserFast™ technique to hair removal is designed specifically to: -Safely and effectively kill active hair follicles

  • Offer a more comfortable and painless laser treatment
  • Be tremendously efficient
  • Supported by an special Two-Year Guarantee

How does this LaserFast™ treatment works?

The LaserFast™ treatment makes use of a laser and cooling system to eliminate any unwanted hair. First, a trained technician will determine which Laser and Energy source is most suitable one for your skin and hair type. Next, the technician emits gentle energy pulses that pass through the skin to the hair follicle. Such energy will be absorbed into the hair follicle and therefore destroys it through heat energy.

Does the treatment hurt?

LaserFast™ treatments are designed for the comfort of our clients. Our customers enjoy their sessions…

“I can go everywhere in a moment notice without any worries on shaving under arms and legs.” Desiray M., Cleveland Ohio

“It is so fast and easy. It’s really amazing!” Allie B., Nashville Tennessee

“There is a cooler blast and a blast of heat and the hair is forever gone. And it is truly fail-safe!” Chrissy C., Albany New YorK

What should I expect during treatment?

Firstly, patients can expect it to be comfortable and safe during the treatment. Each authorized and certified LaserFast™ technician is taking great pride in providing you with effective and pain free treatments. You’ll wear safety eyewear for eye protection from the laser light. The technician will guide the laser to the areas of treatment with a small laser hand piece. When the technician starts the treatments, you will feel a short pulse of cool air that will leave your skin feeling cool and for you to feel safe and comfortable. Within milliseconds of the cooling effect you will be able to feel the pulse of the laser targeting your active hair follicles. The treatments for LaserFast™ hair removal are quickly done and small regions including underarms will only take few minutes, while larger ones such as legs may take a quite longer.

Am I a perfect candidate?

Hair removal treatments using LaserFast™ are proven safe and effective on every part of the body and various skin types. The only types of hair that don’t react to LaserFast™ treatments include those with very grey hair, white hair, very blond hair and red hair.

How many treatments are needed?

You will see the effects of your treatment right away, but it will take a number of sessions for best results, as the process is much more effective when the hair follicles are on their active growth (anagen) stage. The technician will suggest you with the right timeline and spacing of treatment for you on your first session.

Hair today, Gone tomorrow!

Are you ready to get rid of your unsightly hair? Then the LaserFast™ Hair Removal may be right for you.

Make sure you choose a Laser Center that is trained and authorized to perform and provide LaserFast™ Hair Removal treatments If the center is not listed on this website and is claiming to provide LaserFast™ Hair Removal, they have not been trained & authorized by LaserFast™ Hair Removal and should be reported.

Don’t settle for less… take advantage of the LaserFast™ today! Contact an authorized provider near you for a FREE Consultation with one of our skilled providers. We’ll be happy to help determine a hair removal plan that’s right for you.